Domain Specific Weeks


To ensure all-round development and encourage students to pay attention to each aspect of the study of all things oil and gas, the UPES SPE SC annually organizes domain specific Weeks wherein events related to the specific domains are conducted. These weeks serve the purpose of systematically exposing the students to various walks of the Oil and Gas Industry, enriching them with the knowledge of all the sectors irrespective of their specialization. Some of these Weeks include: Geology Week, Cyber Week, Chemical Week, Alternate Energy Week, Health Week, and, upcoming in the year 2018, Industrial Innovations Week.

Geology Week:

After having three consecutive grand and splendid installments, the UPES SPE Student Chapter organized the fourth edition of Geology Week with much more enthusiasm and zeal. An initiative dedicated for the students who have passion and admit Geology as a hobby horse, so as to prove their mettle by fighting toughest in the league.

Cyber Week:

The UPES SPE Student Chapter held the fourth edition of Cyber Week in 2017 and only grew in its grandeur. A week dedicated fully to students who have a passion for coding and the drive to compete and showcase their knowledge in events which not only test their coding abilities and their knowledge of programming languages, but also their presence of mind, logical and precision skills.

Chemical Week:

The UPES SPE Student Chapter conducted the fourth edition of Chemical Week in 2017 dedicated solely to the upcoming wave of aspiring Chemical engineers. A number of events were conducted with the motive to challenge the students’ intellect in relevance to the attributes of the Downstream Sector.

Alternate Energy Week:

Our energy-thirsty economy relies heavily on conventional, non-renewable resources. Increased pressure on these resources has led to their depletion as well as has had a serious effect on the environment. The need of the hour is sustainable development. Alternate energy sources may be our best bet at the moment. Alternate energy sources are untapped energy wells that can be exploited without end and without any serious side-effects on the environment. UPES SPE Student Chapter observed an initiative called ‘Alternate Energy Week’ to publicize and honour the importance of these unconventional, alternate resources.

Health Week:

Good health is the most prized possession that one can ever hope to attain. Keeping this thought in mind, UPES SPE Student Chapter observed an initiative called ‘Health Week’ to publicize and honour the importance of health in professional life in 2017. This initiative was historic in the sense that it was for the first time since inception that all 4 Student Chapters of the Oil and Gas domain in UPES (SPE, FIPI, AAPG and IIChE) came together to organize a Week.