“United we stand, divided we fall”

Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sunil Khare

HOD, Department of Petroleum Engineering and Earth Sciences

There is transformation on the card in the most sectors of economy. We as SPE energy soldiers are watching and making ourselves ready for this transformation. I look forward to innovations from tech savvy young SPE petroleum engineers who should work towards providing solutions of clean and cheap energy to society. The access to digital technologies and high computation devices is the key to development of new solutions which can help transform the petroleum industry.

Executive Board

Shayantan Shivam


Gunjan Vaidya


Vinam Sharma

Alumni & Industry Chairperson

Salonika Misra

Chapter Officer

Saransh Maheshwari

Member Resource Chairperson

Chirag Bansal

Nominations Head

Prachi Maindiratta


Mukul Bharadwaj



Extended Executive Board

Saket Kumar

Chapter Activities Coordinator

Harshita Nandal

Alumni & Industry Connect Head

Rohit Bindal

Program Head

Vedansh Uniyal

Publicity Head

Fahad P.S

Public Relations Head

Sanjeet Sachdeva

Social Head

Vedashish Upadhyay

Environmental Head

Anika Gupta

Technical Head