Our Industry Connect

We have a huge alumni base which is the largest contributor in our industry connect apart from the various established contacts and other initiatives. ‘SPExperience’ which is a huge success focuses on making everyone aware about the experience of our esteemed alumni, who are currently working at various places in the industry, with the UPES SPE Student Chapter. Frequent events like Freshmen Orientation and ‘Margdarshan’ take place which bring our alumni and the budding minds much closer and are definitely a great exposure for the students who get to know a lot about the industry and its working.

We have over 300 alumni who support us at each and every step and thus we have taken a huge initiative which is ‘Project Connections’. We help the students in their projects and research work by providing them assistance from our alumni and the combination works together to create wonders. The student gets real time experience both pragmatic and otherwise of the industry and the alumni remains connected to the various studies going on and thus, it is indeed a win-win situation for both.

Guest Lectures are one of major requirements for an engineer in the making as it is an opportunity to gain experience and interact with industry stalwarts who have been through the ups and downs and know how to sustain a good as well as bad period. A student gains a lot through such interactions which benefits him or her to such an extent that it can only be a superb boon which can create a huge difference to a student’s perspective and thus instigate the industry to grow very rapidly.

Conferences, seminars and webinars are opportunities which contribute greatly to growth of a person and the same is true for upcoming engineers. These are very frequent opportunities provided by our chapter and give a great platform to everyone interested in the same. We even give chances to students to attend conference organized by SPE which is a huge opportunity for students for enhancement.