Our CSR Collaboration

Corporate Social Responsibility is a much needed action in every organization and thus, UPES SPE, in complete agreement with the same, fulfills all its duties through the Social & Environment Committee. Our annual regular efforts include:

  • Plantation Drive for Seniors: Graduating Seniors and current Executive Board members plant saplings. Palm prints are taken as a souvenir;
  • Donate a Sunday: Committee members and volunteers visit and spend a Sunday in orphanages, old age homes, with specially abled people etc. to lend some time and sunshine in the lives of those less fortunate than us;
  • Each One Teach One: Committee members and volunteers go to schools and teach the students some basic things. They spend time with them, clear their doubts on various aspects and inspire students to strive for a brighter and more enlightened tomorrow;
  • Donation Drives: Clothes and other accessories are collected from college students and distributed over various places of Dehradun among needy people. These may be conducted on special occasion or randomly.

Some of our initiatives in the session of 2017-18 include:

  • IDF Social Internship:  Students were given opportunities to be a part of social internship in collaboration with the Indian Development Foundation;
  • Connecture:  The Environmental Day event portrayed how humans are connected to nature and photos regarding the same were collected and uploaded on the UNO’s website;
  • Flood Donation Drive : Clothes were donated in flood affected areas of Dehradun. Monetary funds were collected and distributed; 
  • Celebration Events: Regular events on special days like UPES SPE Foundation Day, Independence Day, festive days etc. to highlight the importance of our fellow human beings in our lives, and our societal culture as a country and as its people, along with the urgent need to address environmental issues.

Our social campaign ‘Jaagrukta’ is a huge success under which we post regularly on social media and visit target sites in a bid to spread awareness on various issues such as road safety, drugs abuse, monsoon diseases and methods to prevent them, women empowerment, cleanliness etc. We also have an active collaboration with an NGO, ThatMate, which spreads awareness about mental health through interactive media.  Mental health is often considered subsidiary as compared to physical health and we have decided to change the outlook of people regarding the same, and, similarly, we will leave no stone unturned in creating awareness about more such taboo issues that require redressal.

We also plan to organize an HSE Week which will be conducted with Health, Safety and Environment as major considerations. Technical as well as non-technical events will be conducted as a part of it. It will be a great exposure for students of this field and will definitely turn out to be a stupendous boon for each and everyone associated with it.