Indian Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition

“The Digital Paradigm has many dimensions, adopting a different paradigm is like changing the glasses and new possibilities might emerge.” The UPES SPE Student Chapter understands this imminent transformation and believes that there will be a lot of ramifications regarding a paradigm shift of the Oil and Gas Industry from conventional to a digitally driven industry and hence in the Indian Oil and Gas Conference and Exhibition 2020, the importance of the Nexus of Technology and Energy in the Oil and Gas Industry of the future.

The discussion was based around the topic The Future of the Oil and Gas Industry: Nexus of Technology and Energy. The main speakers for this panel were Dr. Harilal, Executive Director and Head of Institute (KDMIPE), ONGC, Ms. Shilpa Suyal, Sales Manager, Schlumberger and Mr. Mohit Gupta, Lead Reservoir Engineering, Reliance Industries. There was an engrossing discussion regarding the application of various new systems like Big Data Compilation. There was another important point brought out by the panelists was the Dependency of the Industry on Data and the main challenge of transitioning to more sustainable sources of energy. This panel was moderated by Mr. Sutejas Lakshmikeshava,  Principal Consultant, Infosys whos expertise in the industry helped to make this panel an even more distinguished one. 

Al Gore has rightly said, ‘The cost of energy will come down when we make the transition to renewable energy.’  Keeping this in mind, the Oil and Gas industry must do something about it and transition from crude oil to a gas major industry, as gas is comparatively a more sustainable source to crude oil.

The second panel was based on the topic Indian Gas and LNG Forum: Empowering a Gas Based Economy for India. The panelists for this discussion were Dr. S.C. Sharma who was a Former Officer on special duty to the Government of India and Founder member and Chief Commercial Officer, Petronet LNG Limited, Mr. Abhishek Kumar, Senior Associate, IHS Markit and Mr. Bhalchandra Shingan, Assistant professor, UPES. The main points of discussion were the reliability of the demand and supply of LNG in India, the transition to low carbon fuels and the impact of the transition to the economy of the Industry. This panel was moderated by the able mind of Dr. Vijay Parthasarathy, Head of Department, Chemical Engineering, UPES, with his moderation the discussion was steady in its core values.

This conference not only influenced the students to incorporate a more digitalized approach in their life. The conference left not only a deep impact on their lives and left them with learnings that would last them a lifetime.