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A Technical Extravaganza

SPOTLIGHT: A Vodcast Series

An online interview series, taking place in the format of a video talk between the representative of the Chapter and distinguished Oil and Gas Professionals.

Trademark Events

UPES SPE Student Chapter boasts of unique trademark events like Company Profiling, Freshman Orientation, Margdarshan, Petraquiz, Brand Quotient, Prelude, Petroleum Olympiad, International Case Study Competition (ICSC) and many more, intending to raise the bar and to progressively train the students with all the desired qualities that being a part of the industry demands.

International Case Study Competition

UPES SPE Student Chapter has always believed in its motto of Enhancing Competence, and it sought to do so by organizing events which help one in enhancing their problem solving abilities. Hereby, it conducts the International Case Study Competition aiming at providing students with an opportunity  to showcase their technical abilities by presenting a feasible solution to a given problem. The Competition not only allows the participants to showcase their technical acumen but also aims at providing students with the opportunity to tackle real-time problems and provide a feasible solution to them.


PetroBowl is the annual Rapid-fire Quiz Competition founded by SPE International in the year 2002. Teams from all over the world are selected to participate in the Championship which will take place during SPE’s Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition (ATCE). Five teams from PetroBowl regional qualifier contests will be selected for the championship. One of the regional qualifier contests is the Asia Pacific. The aim of the event is to increase participants’ knowledge about the Oil and Gas Industry, to strengthen the relationship among SPE Student Chapters in Asian Pacific Region and to increase the knowledge related to technical as well as non-technical industry.


To ensure all-round development and encourage students to pay attention to each aspect of the study of all things oil and gas, the UPES SPE SC annually organizes domain specific Weeks wherein events related to the specific domains are conducted. These weeks serve the purpose of systematically exposing the students to various walks of the Oil and Gas Industry, enriching them with the knowledge of all the sectors irrespective of their specialization. Some of these Weeks include: Geology Week, Cyber Week, Chemical Week, Alternate Energy Week, Health Week, and, upcoming in the year 2018, Industrial Innovations Week.

Geology Week

The UPES SPE Student Chapter conducted the fourth edition of Chemical Week in 2017 dedicated solely to the upcoming wave of aspiring Chemical engineers. A number of events were conducted with the motive to challenge the students’ intellect in relevance to the attributes of the Downstream Sector.

Chemical Week

The UPES SPE Student Chapter conducted the fourth edition of Chemical Week in 2017 dedicated solely to the upcoming wave of aspiring Chemical engineers. A number of events were conducted with the motive to challenge the students’ intellect in relevance to the attributes of the Downstream Sector.

Digital Week

The UPES SPE Student Chapter conducted the fourth edition of Chemical Week in 2017 dedicated solely to the upcoming wave of aspiring Chemical engineers. A number of events were conducted with the motive to challenge the students’ intellect in relevance to the attributes of the Downstream Sector.

Freshman Week

The UPES SPE Student Chapter organizes a fun Freshman Week for the junior-most batch of the session in order to familiarize the first years about the Chapter and create awareness about the industry they are about to enter in the next few years.

Health Week

Just as physical fitness helps our bodies to stay strong, mental fitness helps us to achieve and sustain a state of good mental health. When we are mentally healthy, we enjoy our life and environment, and the people in it. We can be creative, learn, try new things, and take risks. Therefore, the Chapter conducts a whole week over physical and mental health inorder to create awareness.

Sports Fete

Sports are a crucial part of a student’s growth and development. They help in the development of mental health and physical fitness of the body. In the spirit of sportsmanship, the chapter organizes a week totally for sports enthusiasts. By participating in sports and games, a student gains a variety of skills, experiences, and self-confidence that are helpful in developing his or her personality.

Cyber Week

The UPES SPE Student Chapter held the fourth edition of Cyber Week in 2019 and only grew in its grandeur. A week dedicated fully to students who have a passion for coding and the drive to compete and showcase their knowledge in

events which not only test their coding abilities and their knowledge of programming languages, but also their presence of mind, logical and precision


Energy Week

Alternate energy sources may be our best bet at the moment. Alternate energy sources are untapped energy wells that can be exploited without end and without any serious side-effects on the environment. UPES SPE Student Chapter observed an initiative called ‘Alternate Energy Week’ to publicize and honour the importance of these unconventional, alternate resources.


Standalone Events

The UPES SPE Student Chapter has left no stone unturned as we continue to explore and create new possibilities for our members to enhance their technical and non-technical skills. We, at UPES SPE Student Chapter, work towards our motto of ‘Enhancing Competence’ by organizing various Standalone events throughout the year providing comprehensive development and encouraging students to consider all aspects of any research related to oil and gas.

Safety Saga

The Chapter understands the role of having knowledge about fire and safety in Oil and Sector, so we conduct Safety Saga- an event aiming at creating awareness about the health, safety and environment sector in the Oil and Energy Industry. This helps the students in building their reasoning power and leads to creative solutions. It provides them with the opportunity to tackle real- time problems and provide a feasible solution to it.

Battle Energia

One of our flagship events is the ‘Battle Energia’, a national level quiz competition. A quiz for students of class 9th to 12th with the desire to furnish the facts and knowledge about the oil and gas industry. It is a National Event with students participating from various schools around the country. Its main purpose is to spread awareness among young minds about the Oil and Gas Industry and the career opportunities in it. Battle Energia is conducted under the banner of SPE International’s Energy4me event. It is being conducted in more than 50 cities and now held for more than 14,000 students.


On the occasion of “World Environment Day”, the Chapter realized how important it is to protect and care for the environment we live in. As the name suggests, this event focuses on bringing some changes in our detrimental practices which can be changed just by implementing some new ideas and strategies.


The pandemic did not only cause a health crisis but also a socio-economic crisis, worldwide. The disruption caused was devastating and to deliver relief to the underprivileged the UPES SPE Student Chapter organized an event – ‘Ummeed’, a COVID-19 Donation Drive. The initiative encouraged a lot of people to donate to any NGO and help the ones in need while also instilling a sense of humanity and kindness.

Eco Venture

With a world full of conveniences, one tends to forget about his host and its precious resources. ‘The only way forward, if we are going to improve the quality and sustainability of the environment, is to get everybody involved.’ Embracing this sentiment, the Social and Environmental Committee of UPES SPE Student Chapter was ecstatic to organize Eco Venture on the occasion of 51st Earth Day. Keeping in mind the severity of COVID-19, the event was conducted with the motive to give back good to Mother Nature from homes.

Energy Accolade
Brand Trivia
The Spectrum
Donate a Sunday
APTA Market Research Summit

Believing in enhancing competence in every aspect, UPES SPE Student Chapter administered APTA Market Research Summit 2020, in collaboration with APTA Consulting Pvt. Ltd. This week purportedly aimed at broadening one’s horizon towards the business and marketing sector of the Oil and Gas Industry. This summit had three events – MarkTech Master, Industry Delve, and a Webinar. MarkTech Master was a quiz followed by a rapid fire round based on the O&G Industry. Industry Delve was a case study competition which aimed at enhancing a participant’s strategizing, as well as critical analysis. A Webinar was conducted under this banner; the speaker of the same was Mr. Swopnajeet Mohapatra, and it revolved around ways to break into the consulting industry.

Career Development Workshop

‘Career Development Workshop’ was conducted by UPES SPE Student Chapter as a professional colloquium. It was an orientation based on career growth wherein the event will be based on resume building and interpersonal skills. To create awareness about professional pursuits, the Chapter hosted a webinar based on resume building by Mr. Atul Gopal and Mr. Abhishek Arora from the Bulls Eye, Dehradun. The CV building webinar held was of incredible assistance for all the participants. Their experiences and skills helped a lot in enhancing participants’ soft and hard skills, behavioural etiquettes and writing style.