UPES SPE Student Chapter is a non-profit, technical student organization seeking to promote the

propagation of invaluable erudition concerning the Oil and Gas Industry. 


The Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) International is a not-for-profit professional organization whose mission is to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical knowledge concerning the exploration, development and production of oil and gas resources and related technologies for the public benefit and to provide opportunities for professionals to enhance their technical and professional competence. SPE provides a worldwide forum for oil and natural gas exploration and production (E&P) professionals to exchange technical knowledge and best practices. SPE manages OnePetro and PetroWiki, in addition to publishing magazines, peer-reviewed journals, and books. SPE also hosts more than 100 events each year across the globe as well as providing online tools and in-person training opportunities. SPE’s technical library (OnePetro) contains more than 200,000 technical papers — products of SPE conferences and periodicals, made available to the entire industry.

With more than 55,000 members in 100 countries, SPE is the pre-eminent international technical and professional association for engineers and the management of energy resources produced through wellbores.

UPES SPE Student Chapter

The Chapter is a non-profit, technical student organization seeking to promote the propagation of invaluable erudition concerning the Oil and Gas Industry. The Chapter conducts a plethora of events throughout the academic year. Each event seeks to provide a unique opportunity for budding future professionals to augment their caliber, thereby, staying true to our motto of “Enhancing Competence”. At UPES, we extend the core values of SPE International to all the students of the concerned branches. SPE, for students, bridges the gap that exists between the Industry and Academia. Our work at UPES SPE Student Chapter is in line with the vision of SPE International which is to enable the global Oil and Gas E&P Industry to share technical knowledge needed to meet the world’s energy needs in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. We at UPES SPE work to extend our limits at every step and achieve greater heights, whether it is industrial connect or student talent enhancement. We understand the simple fact that academics are necessary but not everything, thus we provide those extra opportunities for growth which will assist in each and every aspect. We believe that growth of a person is not limited to books, laptops etc. but believe that if someone is determined, sky is the limit! Our toil has given extraordinary returns and we have received the Presidential Award for Outstanding Student Chapter for seven times in a row consecutively, and received the Gold Standard Award for three consecutive years prior to that, all the time aiming to Enhance Competence and prove that if dreams meet determination and hard work, the outcome is indeed majestic!


Our primary objective is the growth of each and every member, and the growth of the entire industry along with us, through eagerness to adapt and a set of curious minds.


At UPES SPE, we define success as the achievement of our continuously enhancing goals, and believe in chasing satisfaction and fulfilment of a job well done.


We believe that in this digital and fast paced world, smart work beats hard work, which is why we stress on streamlining our approach towards organization and planning to be truly efficient.


Innovation is essential for survival, as well as for sustainable development. At the core of everything we do, as a Chapter, we strive to add value to existing endeavours, and inspire innovation.

Our Achievements

We at UPES SPE work to extend our limits at every step and achieve greater heights, whether it is industrial connect or student talent enhancement.


How we started

Established in 2009, the UPES SPE Student Chapter is amongst the best SPE student chapters in the world, and the biggest and most influential student chapter in UPES.


Gold Standard Award

The UPES SPE Student Chapter has achieved the rare distinction of receiving this award for three consecutive years.


Outstanding Student Chapter Award

Under this designation, the UPES SPE Student Chapter boasts to have been bestowed with the Highest Globally Recognized honor of the SPE Outstanding Student Chapter Award for 7 consecutive years.


Student Chapter Excellence Award

UPES SPE Student Chapter has won this second highest Student Chapter award.


Our Committees

Running an organization needs a strong backbone of hierarchy and responsibility. All the members of UPES SPE Student Chapter, working day in and day out to spread the Chapter’s outreach and help it achieve its mission, are divided into Working Committees, classified on the basis of their functionality as follows

Alumni-Industry Connect

This committee allows us to be in touch with the alumni and industry personnel. It also looks for industry outreach and enables us to contact delegates for the Fest.


This committee is responsible for year-round documentation, record keeping for the Chapter and for bringing out the annual magazine Energy Era, our biannual newsletter and our official blog – Wise Brent. 

Graphics & Design

This team of artists is responsible for graphic designing and website development of the Chapter. 


This Committee is responsible for the planning, organisation, resource acquisition and effective implementation of all our events. 


The work of this committee is focused upon spreading insight about Chapter activities through both online and offline modes.

Public Relations

This committee brings in sponsorship, contributes to building the Chapter’s worldwide nexus and brings people under the roof of UPES for annual UPES SPE Fest. 


This committee strives to showcase support social causes, driven towards uplifting enormous human resources.


This committee strives to showcase support environmental causes, driven towards uplifting enormous human resources.


This committee deals with the technical aspects, and it aims to enhance technical aptitude of the members by giving them the opportunity to take part in educational field trips and enthralling technical events.