Our Working Committees

Running an organization needs a strong backbone of hierarchy and responsibility. All the members of UPES SPE Student Chapter, working day in and day out to spread the Chapter’s outreach and help it achieve its mission, are divided into Working Committees, classified on the basis of their functionality as follows:


  • Alumni-Industry Connect: This committee allows us to be in touch with the alumni and industry personnel. It also looks for industry outreach and enables us to contact delegates for the Fest. This committee is also responsible for the conduction of workshops, guest lectures, and webinars. 


  • Editorial: This committee is responsible for year-round documentation, record keeping for the Chapter and for bringing out the annual magazine Energy Era, our biannual newsletter and our official blog – Wise Brent. 


  • Graphics and Design: This team of artists is responsible for graphic designing and website development of the Chapter. 


  • Program: This Committee is responsible for the planning, organisation, resource acquisition and effective implementation of all our events. 


  • Publicity: The work of this committee is focused upon spreading insight about Chapter activities through both online and offline modes. 


  • Public Relations: This committee brings in sponsorship, contributes to building the Chapter’s worldwide nexus and brings people under the roof of UPES for annual UPES SPE Fest. 


  • Social & Environment: This committee strives to showcase support environmental and social causes, driven towards uplifting enormous human resources.


  • Technical: This committee deals with the technical aspects, and it aims to enhance technical aptitude of the members by giving them the opportunity to take part in educational field trips and enthrailing technical events.


The working of the entire committee is overseen by a governing Executive Body, which consists of The President, Vice President, Alumni & Industry Chairperson, Chapter Officer, CSR Chairperson, Member Resource Chairperson, Nominations Head, Secretary, Treasurer and the Heads of the aforementioned committees.