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We are the UPES SPE Student Chapter!

We work to push our limits and soar to new heights with every intitiative that we take. We are an “of the students, by the students and for the students” organization active in the Energy Sector; an outpost of the prestigious international Society of Petroleum Engineers, bridging the ubiquitous gap between the industry and the academia through year-round activities spanning across multiple, versatile domains.

Our Story

Our History

Since the Chapter’s inception in 2009, the UPES SPE Student Chapter has always aimed for the skies. With the goal of disseminating knowledge among the college students, the chapter has progressed by leaps and bounds with each passing year. Today, the Chapter is a benchmark for excellence in all undertakings, be it planning & operations, social responsibility, industrial involvement or professionalism.

Our Values

The values of the Chapter are its backbone, because the Chapter subscribes to the ideology that an individual and an organization are both described by their value systems. Some of these values include elements of Professionalism, a spirit of Volunteering, the desire for Continuous Learning, a sense of Social Responsibility, and as embodied by our motto, a life led with the aim of Enhancing Competence.

Our Purpose

The Chapter aims to challenge its older self with each passing year. The annual UPES SPE Fest each year is, despite the vast success of previous years, unparalleled in exposure, participation and glory. The Chapter continues to grow by leaps and bounds and achieve new standards of brilliance every day, moving on, towards greater goals, and dispense technical and non-technical skills to all our stakeholders.

Our Objectives


Our primary objective is the growth of each and every member, and the growth of the entire industry along with us, through eagerness to adapt and a set of curious minds.


At UPES SPE, we define success as the achievement of our continuously enhancing goals, and believe in chasing satisfaction and fulfilment of a job well done.


We believe that in this digital and fast paced world, smart work beats hard work, which is why we stress on streamlining our approach towards organisation and planning to be truly efficient.


Innovation is essential for survival, as well as for sutainable development. At the core of everything we do, as a Chapter, we strive to add value to existing endeavours, and inspire innovation.

Chapter Influence

The Chapter has a vibrant extended nexus in the outside world, through which we make our presence felt on a larger scale. This is done through initiatives like Lecture Programs, Student Networking, Battle Energia and Anubhav Student Mentorship Program.


The Anubhav Student Mentorship Program allots a sophomore to every freshman; a college version of your guardian angel, a friend and a helper to take along on your test drive into the real world, and encourage learning through engagement in intellectual activities.


Student Networking

Chapter representatives get opportunities to learn through the exposure that comes with attending conferences, technical fests, international competitions and the like, and indulge in networking with industry professionals as well as other studentsfrom across the globe. 


Battle Energia

This is a one-of-a-kind UPES SPE initiative under which we publicise life in the Energy Sector in high schools to create awareness and generate interest about the field in young students through presentations and a quiz contest, conducted in 50+ cities and for more than 14000+ students now.


Lecture Programs

The Chapter conducts Regular Distinguished Lecture Programs, Ambassador Lecture Programs, Webinars and Guest Lectures of esteemed industry personalities to spread and share technical knowledge among its members, and broaden the domain of their knowledge.



Our CSR Collaboration

Corporate Social Responsibility is a much needed facet of every organization, and thus, UPES SPE, in complete agreement with the same, fulfills all its duties through the diligent efforts of our Social & Environmental Committee.

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Our Industry Connect

Apart from our highly extensive alumni base, we are also quite proud of our industrial reach, which helps us keep track of the latest developments in the Oil and Gas Sector, and exposes our members to a vast vista of learning.

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Chapter Regulars

As a Student Chapter, we have three primary Regulars that we do bigger and better each year, comprising the UPES SPE Fest and Conference, several Domain Specific Weeks and various Trademark Events associated with the UPES SPE Student Chapter.

Domain Specific Week

Weeks full of technical events related to specific and petroleum related domains like Chemical Engineering, Computer Science, Geology to increase students’ industrial acumen etc.

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UPES SPE Fest and Conference

Annual global technical consortium of events, activities and interaction for knowledge sharing between stalwarts and students of the Energy industry.

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Trademark Events

Events like Company Profiling, Brand Quotient, Margdarshan and Prelude, among others; intended to raise the bar of erudition and enhance the competence of our members.

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Through the times of calm and storm, they have steered our ship to safety and prosperity. Let’s have a look at what the veterans have to say.